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Drawing the Female Breast Part 1, Paragraphs 1-5

Paragraphs 5-10
Paragraphs 11-16

1. The structure of the breast and its mapping

Let's start with the fact that female breasts are mammary glands, protected by a layer of fatty tissue. Under the iron is pectoral muscle - it is necessary to remember, because the muscle is able to influence the position of the breasts.

Chest muscle originates from the line of the armpit, especially noticeable when drawing characters with their hands.

This shows the distance between the breasts, while it should be noted that the nipples pointing outwards ...

... And in different directions.

2. Plan view

In this form, once allocated the main rule - the breast and nipple at an angle of 45 degrees to the spine and hence 90 degrees to each other.

When considering a kind of 3 / 4, it should be noted that the nearest chest will be directed to the beholder.

3. Type in your profile
Since the female breast is soft and flexible, offers a huge number of effects that can be achieved by its interaction with the clothes.

The structure of the muscles in the armpit: chest muscles are located on the upper chest.

4. Breast Size

Average size

Bottom line is designed to show the curvature of the breast. With it shows the weight and elasticity, so when drawing should be paid special attention to this point.

Small breasts

Big breasts

Very large breasts

More than the weight of the breast, the more it is drawn bottom line. Breast size when viewed from the front lines depends on the height and size of its projection for the thorax.

5. Breast shape.

Drawing chest is based on three basic forms, and then everything depends only on the author's imagination.

Not the last role is and the location of the breasts on the chest. It should be borne in mind that different types of women's components are changing.

Breast predominant among Europeans

Breast predominant among Asians

paragraphs 5-10

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