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Drawing the Female Breast Part 3, Paragraphs 11-16

11. Effect of position of hands on the shape of the breast

With raised hands of the chest forward. When the arms are raised, the chest muscles and stretch up, and breast changes shape.

The difference between the lowered and raised hands, you can see in this figure.

Drawing slender hands

With broad shoulders, the width of the hands also increases to make the harmony of the hands typically reduce the distance between the shoulder and armpit.

When drawing a shape with slender hands, keep the torso relatively thin. Slender standard gives greater effect.

12. Breast shape with the supine position

When a woman lies on her back, her breasts fall down from the chest under its own weight. You can show this effect the location of nipples.

Nipples are still looking in different directions. The line below the chest creates a breast shape. Small breasts do not fall off much, but you still have to draw the position of the nipple. The effect of gravity is shown by the nipples.

Large breasts less elastic, they fall down when a character falls on his back.

13. Effects that you can use

Different lines

The angle and position emphasize chest. Be careful when drawing the curves, they stress the smoothness and fullness of the breast.

Small breasts covered by a hand

Medium-sized breasts covered by his hand

Nipple show through your fingers

Clicking on a small chest

Severe depression, a blind eye is visible voluminous breasts

Move the nipple to display delicate or strong manipulation of the breast.

14 Compression of the breast

Fullness of the breast may be allocated under compression.

Creating the effect of the split when squeezed between two hands.

If you wish, you can show her nipples, pressed his hands.

Working with a split

If the breast is compressed very tight, the nipples are not required to be displayed, as shown in the figure. Focusing only on the split may be using chopped.

When drawing the chest with a split, do not forget about the location of the breast, and above the normal map larger breasts without a split. In the right-bottom corner of the effect of compressing the breasts to display a split.

15. A few examples

16. Clothing

Y - decollete

V - decollete

U - decollete



Other styles.

Shirt unbuttoned, revealing his chest.

Compressing bra

Position of your breasts.

Chest at a great distance from one another. There is no split in the use of a bra

Chest located there. Compression leads to the split (usually only at full
figures with large breasts)

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